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One room almost complete!

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Today I surprised myself, as I actually got my daughters room aka the play room clean. It started with a playpen full of random toys, and ended with a play pen full of stuffed animals, the only thing left to sort out. Stuffed animals are going to be the hard part as the ones the kids don’t love, Jericho and I do or have sentimental value. I’m saving that for after dinner.
Lovely scribbles there, huh? That’s after scrubbing with a magic eraser, the only thing that came off is the paint. If you were to zoom in, you’d be able to see the 1980’s wall paper peaking through.

I didn’t take any before pictures, because honestly I was too embarrassed. I had to use a broom to pile toys to the side so I could sit and work. I made the kids help (Sully was the most enthusiastic and least effective) and it took close to 3 hours (with several breaks) to get everything completely done.


So this is part of our current toy storage system. It works okay, if the kids would just put things up. Our oldest is the only one who can get things on and off it effectively, so it’s hard on the little ones. It was affordable though, and used to be a t-shirt display for an old store. When I started cleaning today were two empty bins in it, and the toys and the rest of the bins were spread through out the house. At one point I sat in the middle of the floor, sorting toys, and sending kids out with megablock wagons and the toy wheel barrow to get the rest of the toys “Or else Mama is going to throw them all away!” The worst part of this stand, besides its appearance, is that every one of my children has treated it as a climbing course at some point, which is why it is anchored to the wall behind.

I’m hoping after we move to be able to do something more like what Abby over at did in her playroom.


Isn’t that gorgeous? I *Love* these benches, not only are they super cute, but they provide lots of seating and storage, and are much easier for little hands to access for getting to and putting away toys. They also leave lots of open space for play, and do not tempt children to try to scale to dangerous heights. Something so low and sturdy would be difficult for a child to flip or injure them self on, and not high enough to sustain serious injury from a fall (The only reason you can tell my blond haired, blue eyed blighters are mine is that they got my clumsy streak).

We also have This

which until earlier today used to be overflowing with Megabloks. We’re selling the megabloks, since no one plays with them except as a last resort anymore, and using the toybox as an Angry Bird/Super Mario plushie area. My daughters Ponies are on the top. Warning to parents, skip the megablocks size, go for the intermediate “duplo” size. They are too big for a child to choke on but offer much more versatility in play.

Ideally, after we move we’ll be able to par down more and install a built in counter/desk area for Lego and what not (not pictured, they’re on a former changing table/ hutch cabinet that was gifted to us second hand and doesn’t really work, though we use the drawers for play clothes storage.

Since everything is already in self contained box, by hope when we move is to just load them onto Betty the Trucks back seat stacked on top of each other and drive them straight over, with no boxes or extra tape in between. Perhaps I’m being too optimistic though.



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